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Prayer at ISOC


Current Iqamah Times

Fajr:             5:00AM

Zuhr:            1:15PM

Asr:              5:00PM

Maghrib:      7:35PM

(eat iftar before arriving)

Isha / Taraweeh:  9:15PM

Tahajjud: 2:00AM

Jumu'ah:     1:15PM

(only one prayer)


ISOC will be holding 20 raka'ahs of Taraweeh prayer each night followed by Witr prayer.

The imams shall recite approximately 1 juz’ (chapter) of the Qur’an each night (schedule at the bottom of this page).


For details on Eid Prayers at ISOC, visit .

Current Prayer Rules

  • Only come if you are healthy. Older persons and those with underlying health conditions are encouraged to pray at home.

  • Do wudu at home. Limited restroom capacity.

  • No children under 8 allowed at all, no exceptions. Parents: take turns and leave kids at home. Children over 8 allowed only if praying next to parents, otherwise not allowed to be running around.  Even older children/adults that are hanging out or not praying will be asked to leave.


  • Masks required to enter and must be worn at all times, including during prayer. Masks must fit properly over the mouth and nose.


  • Bring a prayer rug and a shoe bag. Shoe racks will not be available. Shoes must be kept inside the bag and with you during prayer.


  • Each individual must use one marked prayer space only, including family members.


  • No food or drink allowed. Have iftar before arriving. A closed water bottle kept with you is ok; slip your mask away only to take sips.


  • No hugging, no shaking hands, and no physical contact allowed. No socializing or congregating before or after prayer, outside or in the parking lot, will be allowed.


  • Follow the directions of ISOC Staff, security guards and volunteers.

Taraweeh and Khatirah Schedule