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Prayer at ISOC




For updates, watch the video below and read all guidelines. 


  • ISOC is monitoring the latest guidance from state and county officials.  Don't come if you feel unhealthy.

  • Do wudu at home.
  • Children over 8 allowed only if they are praying next to parents, otherwise not allowed to be running around. No small children allowed.
  • Individuals older than 65 or with underlying health conditions are strongly encouraged to pray at home.
  • Jumu'ah Prayer will be held inside the main prayer hall with limited capacity.  Overflow will be held in the green grass area  and for those who choose to pray outside.
  • Maximum capacity of 600. ISOC Staff and Volunteers may restrict entry if capacity is exceeded.
  • Masks required to enter and must be worn at all times, including during prayer.  Masks must fit properly over the mouth and nose.
  • All attendees must bring their own prayer rugs.
  • All attendees must bring plastic, paper, or reusable bags to store shoes.  Shoe racks will not be available. Shoes must be kept inside the bag and with you while prayer is in session.  Please do not leave shoe bags unattended. 
  • Pray Sunnah at home. Arrive to the masjid 15 minutes before Iqama for daily prayers, 45 minutes prior for Jumu'ah prayer. Leave masjid immediately after prayer.
  • Pray on the designated marked spaces.
  • No hugging, no kissing, no shaking hands, no physical contact. No socializing or congregating before or after prayer, outside or in the parking lot.

Current Masjid Al-Rahman Prayer Times

Fajr: 5:30AM

Zuhr: 1:15PM

Asr: 5:00PM

Maghrib: 7:35PM (Sunset +5 Mins)

Isha and Tarawih: 9:30PM

Jumu'ah: 1:15PM

Only one prayer